Kissane Viola Design was excited to be asked to create a brand for the 100th anniversary celebration of the Bauhaus art movement and its impact on Aspen. A celebration lasting throughout 2019, Bauhaus100:Aspen has over 20 local partners and more than 50 events that recognize the influence of the movement on Aspen and illuminate the many ways in which it has impacted the city and continues to influence and inspire artists, designers, architects, landscape architects, and thinkers in the Roaring Fork Valley.


KVD was inspired by the art and design of Herbert Bayer, an influential student and teacher from the Bauhaus School in Weimar, Germany from 1921-1923. Bayer was hired by industrialist and visionary Walter Paepcke and moved to Aspen in 1946 where he became an important influence on the local culture.


The font for the Bauhaus100:aspen logo was inspired directly from specific characters in the “Bayer Universal” font created by Herbert Bayer.

German architect Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus School, commissioned Herbert Bayer to design a font for all Bauhaus communications in 1925.

KVD created a vector version of the characters based on this font.

We also created an animation of the logo to be shared by the many local partners.

Kissane Viola Design also created a custom website for the event with a calendar of events and blog.

Kissane Viola Design was also asked to design the brand for the 2019 Wintersköl celebration in Aspen in which the theme was Aspen: Original by Design based on the Bauhaus movement.


Kissane Viola Design used the same Herbert Bayer inspiration to carry over the design direction for a consistent look that ties the Bauhaus100:Aspen look with the 2019 Wintersköl brand.


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