Kissane Viola Design - Print - Woody Creek Distillers signature bottle wcd-strobawa (1).png


When Kissane Viola Design was asked to design the logo and packaging for Woody Creek Distiller’s Reserve and Signature vodkas, we knew the bottles needed to be as distinctive as the vodka they carry. Woody Creek Reserve Vodka is distilled from the rare Stobrawa potato and batch distilled in small quantities in Woody Creek, Colorado. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the master distiller.


The signature potato vodka bottle needed to make an impact as it was the maiden spirit of Woody Creek Distillers, so it was important to introduce the brand of the distillery itself on the bottle. The distillery logo is prominently and proudly displayed on both the Signature bottle and the Reserve bottle to show the confidence the distillers had in the brand. The WCD logo was design by KVD to bring out the personalities of the WCD partners, which meant it had to be sophisticated, classic and cool. The vodka is distilled in custom copper stills, the metallic copper logo captures the classic feel of the West and hints at a biker tattoo.


The package tells a story. Because Woody Creek Vodka is made from 100% potato it is only fitting the signature vodka is gift packaged in a custom potato sack. Not only do they look great, but are made from 100% natural fibers and are reusable. The Stobrawa Reserve Vodka packaging required a more sophisticated package, the custom gift box is a sleek black with a clear varnish of the logo pattern and copper accents to call attention to the copper stills from the distillery.